Bill Caplan  

by Bill Caplan
Libri Publishing, UK 2016

"Buildings Are for People" takes a critical look at architectural design in the context of Human Ecology — people, the built environment and the natural environment. It challenges the way we approach building design with an emphasis on both human interface and sustainability. "Buildings Are for People" encourages designs that are sensitive to people, program and habitat, providing a methodology for conceiving architectural designs that respond to such a matrix. It provides a new perspective that includes a dose of reality and a path forward — a prescriptive for creating more effective design.

This is a book that explores the interactions of the built environment with people and our ecosystem in conjunction with the process of conceiving a design. It speaks to all those concerned with architecture's impact on people, our communities and our ecosystem, the state of building worldwide.

More than 100 of the author's photographs and diagrams illustrate the concepts and methodology, visually articulating the good and the bad.

Written for architects, planners, policy makers, developers, researchers and engineers, it is also a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in architecture, planning or the pursuit of livable communities. "Buildings are for People" provides an important perspective for the practitioners, educators, students and influencers who will envision, enable and design tomorrow's built environment.

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