Bill Caplan  

With a passion for people-friendly design, an engineer's understanding of sustainability and a Master of Architecture, I researched and photographed the built environment on five continents from a human and environmental perspective. My book about architectural design and human ecology was the culmination of that research over a 10-year period, Buildings Are for People, published in 2016. It deals with the physical, sensible and operative manifestations of architecture, a holistic approach to creating user- and community-friendly buildings that are sustainably designed. Buildings Are for People was followed by Contrast 21c: People & Places, a photo essay of people and places in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia published September 2018. My new book THWART CLIMATE CHANGE NOW: Reducing Embodied Carbon Brick by Brick is scheduled for publication in the Fall of 2021 by the Environmental Law Institute's ELI Press.

Seeking to develop an integrated design process to unify sustainable technology and architectural form, I founded Shortlist 0 Design Group LLC in 2010 and serve as its Managing Member. With a background in architecture and environmental interface, applied engineering and computer simulation dedicated to sustainable design and adaptive reuse, I bring unique insight to the design process. This skill set, enhanced by global business experience and project management expertise, helps me translate concept to reality.

A Master of Architecture degree, a career in high technology design, and a BS degree in Materials Engineering provided an intensive background for the rigors of emerging architecture and sustainable design. My career spanning high technology projects such as the US space program and the human genome has helped to merge science and technology with the reality of people-friendly and environmental-friendly design.

I reside in the New York metropolitan area.

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Relevant design emerges from the vectors of site, environment and people. These are the elements of Human Ecological Design.
THWART CLIMATE CHANGE NOW: Reducing Embodied Carbon Brick by Brick, Environmental Law Institute Press, Fall 2021.
Contrasts 21c: People & Places, Libri Publishing, UK, 2018.
Buildings Are for People: Human Ecological Design, Libri Publishing, UK, 2016.
Master of Architecture, Pratt Institute, Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design
Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering, Cornell University, College of Engineering
Architectural Workshop
International Workshop at Citta dell'Impresa with Faculty of Architecture of the University of Cagliari, Sardinia, October 2008.
Exhibition of work at Coast Day, Molentargius Salt Park, Cagliari.
Bill Caplan Lectures
unSustainable by Design - heralded by the Trade, NYC architecture firm Guest Lecture
REALITY & SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: How sustainable is Sustainable Design?, Cornell University
DESIGN + GREEN BUILDING: People + Green, Cornell University
Competition Proposals
The Ring, February 2014 - Louisville Children's Museum Design Competition
Arverne Dunes, June 2013 - FAR ROC: For a Resilient Rockaway
Terrain House 800, March 2013 - Add-on '13 Affordable Accessory Dwelling
Harlem Piers Farm, January 2012 - The Harlem Edge Competition: Cultivating Connections
K-12 on 62 Steps, August 2011 - Cleveland Design Competition 2011 | A New School Vision
Solar Plaza Fargo, November 2010 - Downtown Fargo: an Urban Infill Competition
Cornucopia Sukkah, August 2010 - Sukkah City: NYC 2010
Solar Spiral, May 2010 - Mine The Gap - The Chicago Prize
Judges Special Commendation - AIA National Architectural Photography 2010 Competition
Educational Centerpiece - September 2009, San Francisco Botanical Gardens Gondwana Circle
Keyhole House, August 2009 - Prefab 2020
Prairie Ramp House, August 2009 - COEH Greensburg, Kansas
The Concourse Path, May 2009 - Intersections: The Grand Concourse Beyond 100
Architecture & People focused travel
2016: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
2015: Spain
2014: Umbria & Le Marche Italy
2013: Cuba
2012: Morocco, northern Spain
2011: Argentina
2010: Brazil, Spain
2009: Rome, Ravello, Pompeii, Puglia, Quito, Galapagos
2008: Madrid, Bilbao, Rioja, Pyrenees, Berlin, Oslo, Western Norway, Spitsbergen, New Delhi, Yucatan, Paris, Mirepoix, Carcassonne, Sardinia
2007: Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Priene, Bodrum, Ankara, Verona, Vicenza, Modena, Cremona, Tuscany, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Patagonia
2006: Beijing, Athens, Patmos, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Paris


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